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Hope for Kids (HFK), A Tool for Numerical Growth

As of July 1, 2018, at the Free Methodist Church of Rujambere in Kayokwe Commune of Mwaro Province, ceremonies were held for the delivery of certificates to children who completed the second HFK training session.


There were 58 at the beginning of the session. They made the evangelization outings and personal testimonies in which 580 children were evangelized and 125 of whom received the gift of eternal life.


On top of that, these new converts are ready to start the 3rd training session, as shown by their two instructors, the one who knits white in front of the certified children and the one who is in purple knitting on the left of the pastor as well as the Pastor him himself, who is in a suit. The children, meanwhile, say that the fear of confronting the same adults ended up little by little and do not have that shyness anymore


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Evangelism Explosion Burundi is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. It utilizes a variety of components including prayer, actual on-the-job training where the experienced lead the inexperienced, and the principle of spiritual multiplication.

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